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What's a Theme?

DanceOcean Themes are what power the look of your website. It's like picking a car, choose a model, then you have several ways to customize it, making for a completely unique website from other DanceOcean users.

Each theme has its own set of customization options. These include choosing from over 60 font choices, color and tone schemes, the ability to add background image slideshows and more!


The Paper theme has a cool design that shows your content on paper graphics with polaroid photos laid out on a wooden floor.


Tabby is a clean and professional looking theme that features a sidebar for its navigation area.


A beautiful theme that is simple yet elegant.


DanceOcean's first theme, a professional classic.


A stylish, glass inspired theme great for anyone.

More Themes on the Way!

All new themes are instantly available to use from your control panel. There's no additional charge. Just activate and enjoy!